It offers 500MB of free data, so that’s better than the unlimited bandwidth free VPN. Like, OctaneVPN has been around a long time but no review. Granted, they don’t have a high commission or affiliate base like the VPN providers you promote, but they’re quite popular and claim to have no logs whatsoever.

  • A VPN is a service you connect to that sends and receives data across the internet on your behalf.
  • Once upon a time, VPNs were a great way of getting country-specific content from streaming services.
  • When you set up and enable a VPN, all of your internet traffic goes through it, both ways.
  • If you wanted to access US Netflix or BBC iPlayer, you just used your VPN to connect to a server in the right country and away you went.
  • Stick to recommend companies that have been scrutinized and audited by the cyberghost free trial pros.

I tried it out a few years ago – seems to be a decent service. Thank you for all the hard work, giving us a place to find honest up to date information. I would like to know your opinion on vpn, its free but you can buy the paid version. If you could suggest a good “budget friendly” vpn, if there is such a thing!

How Do I Choose A Vpn?

Hi Ryan, I have not yet tested TurboVPN, but doing a quick search I see nearly ten different “turbo VPN” variations on the google play store for Android. Many of these free VPNs are malicious and will collect and sell your data. See for example the VPN Master article when I tested a few of the different “VPN Master” apps from the Google play store.

I know that’s a hassle for many people, so I’m looking into other options, hopefully sometime in the future. Performance can take somewhat of a hit, however, especially since most routers don’t handle encryption as well as a computer, but there are a few exceptions . Hi Robert, if your router is properly encrypting your traffic, without leaks, I wouldn’t think the modem would be an issue. And if you’re extra worried, you can also physically chain routers for double, triple… encryption.

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The login data was for my torentPrivacy VPN affiliate account which is not longer in use. In the past i had an affiliate account at torentPrivacy where i earned commission for referred customers. You would need to setup a bitcoin wallet, and then donate to my Bitcoin address.

They give me 15 gigs a month free, and I wonder after reading this article if they can be trusted. Hi MPH, I’m not sure about TurboVPN as I have not tested it. In other words, they give you a free sample with limited bandwidth, in the hopes that you upgrade to a paid plan. This is different from the unlimited free VPNs that typically collect and sell user data. I hope to have reviews of both Windscribe and Tunnelbear done in the coming months.

I found this issue and reported it to Anchorfree about 10 years ago but they had never responded and never seemed to have addressed it. Well, this looks like it uses the Tor network, which probably means it is slow.

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